y o u   w a n t   s o m e   c o m p a n y ?

                                 … y e a h  

"        his hands shake something furious, you don’t know how to stop them,don’t know if they belong to a killer or a lover, or if there’s even a difference anymore.     ”

'Paint it Black' ph. Rogov Sergey

I found my home on a mountain. I cooked food. I cleaned my house. Then a bullet was fired.

Highway (2014) dir. Imtiaz Ali


the family that kills together, stays together

for the rebellious youths with blood on their hands

August 29  //  1 note

To me, there isn’t a second that I want to be away from you. Starting from now, let’s stay together for a long time.

stop the world ‘cause i wanna get off with you


sisters. enemies. a s s a s s i n s.